A story of experience and honesty.

Oil Don Pietro

The Ruggeri family

More than a century of pride and honesty


The Ruggeri family boasts in the oil production and trading sector a history of experience and honesty spanning more than a century, since when the one who was the artificer of the first business expansion, (whose name we proudly chose for our brand of opening on new scenarios of the future “Don Pietro”) at the age of ten started travelling far and wide on a mule- drawn cart routes, roads, paths and lanes in Messina area, educated from childhood to true affection for his land and for the fruits it produces, if respected, if cared for, if loved!

Without ever betraying the legacy of Don Pietro his children and grandchildren, persevering in giving prestige and above all the right recognition to the genuine work of the one who has made of the “respect” towards the costumer and the product a pillar of his sphere of personal and professional relationships, always supported by a strong attachment to the Sicilian roots and animated towards an authentic emotional transport to the attention of plants, reason why it’s been chosen the best “cultivars” of the most suitables areas for years.

The current historical period, particularly steeped in challenges, encourages Ruggeri Oils to look to the future with a different gaze, tended with pride and innovative spirit towards
evolutionary programmatic outlets, firmly anchored to the certainties and peculiarities of the generational past and, for the first time, female.

In fact, after years of men representing and promoting the Ruggeri brand, the baton is passed into the hands of Venusia Grillo, daughter-in-law of Vincenzo Ruggeri who is the refines athor of the brand “Don Pietro”, a young 40-year-old woman with a split soul in a concrete perception of reality deepened through legal studies, and an artistic and cultral sensibility; all accompanied by a natural propensity towards the concept of beauty, accurate and refined, even in tastes and flavors. Her will, in line with what has always made the Ruggeri brand recognizable in the market of Sicilian quality products, remains still in favoring excellent supply chains, whose supreme ultimate result is and always will be the satisfaction of the costumer with the pleasure for the palate, thanks to the KING of our mediterranean diet that flavors, enriches and enhances.

Years of experience
Satisfied customers
Hours between harvesting and pressing
Available formats

The challenges of the historical period

Our evolutionary program

After years in which only only the men of the family promoted and represented the Ruggeri brand, today the baton is passed into the hands of Venusia Grillo.

Experience and honesty
Legacy and new scenarios
Respect for the customer
Choice of the best cultivars
Sophisticated tastes and flavors
Predilection of excellent supply chains

Our production

Don Pietro oil


The KING of the Mediterranean diet that flavors, enriches, and enhances.
  • CULTIVAR: Biancolilla, Nocellara, Cerasuola, Oglialora Messinese e Santagatese



  • HARVESTING TECHNIQUE: Hand-picked and with the aid of pneumatic harvesters

  • EXTRACTION SYSTEM: Crushing within 24 hours of harvesting, extraction with a continuous cycle system, natural decanting.

  • FILTERING: By means of natural panels

  • APPEARANCE: Medium-density green oil with golden yellow reflections

  • AROMA: Delicately spiced with hints of apple

  • TASTE: Light fruity flavor with a sweet background and a light almond aftertaste

AVAILABLE FORMATS: 0.25 liter cans, 0.50 liter cans, 1 liter cans, 3 liter cans and 5 liter cans.

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``The nature of the soul does not live, if it does not have a body.``
~ Lucretius ~
Our plantations and their juicy olives, the authentic and sincere ``body`` of the Don Pietro's soul.


Don Pietro in the world

Ruggeri Oils through the setting up of a gastronomic cultural-themed event is the protagonist of Made in Sicily


Missoula, USA, July 26 / August 14: dance competition, global cultural exchange and many “special” events during the “Art of Diplomacy” conference.
One of these, among 25 countries (Russia, USA, Cuba, Pakistan, Mexico) will see Italy as the protagonist thanks to Sicily, through the setting up of an entirely dedicated gastronomic-historical tourism-themed cultural event, and thanks to some promoting companies of the made in Sicily, including Ruggeri Oils with its product of excellence.

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